Dealing with stress…AH!

The end of the year is never easy for anyone to deal with. Everyone has projects, tests, presentations, where they are struggling to do well on them, hoping to make up for the rest of the semester that may not have been so hot.

I’ve only been doing this whole college thing for a year but I always find it funny seeing how different people deal with stress differently. Here are the different types of stress dealers (or stress not-dealers) that I’ve come across this semester:

1. The perfect humans

These people are pros at time management and make sure that they are getting everything done on a schedule to ensure that they aren’t stressed later. I personally aspire to be like these people every day but, wow, these people truly have their entire lives planned out and even have hourly calendars. These people don’t stress because they are smart and foresee a future in which they may be stressed, therefore preventing it by eliminating any sort of stress. However, if they do find themselves in a stressful situation, they will manage to do everything necessary to make sure they aren’t stressed anymore.Even just thinking about the second type of people I mentioned makes me nervous. These people just don’t care enough do stress and a lot of the time either forget about the work they have or just straight up don’t do it…HOW?!

2. The ones who just don’t care enough to stress

…and then we have the ones who just don’t do anything, therefore they don’t have anything to stress about. They have the whole “I’ll figure it out as a go” mentality and they don’t think about all of the things they have to do. These people realize that stressing is just not going to change anything or change the situation they are in so they decide not to care enough to stress. Now, within this category there are the ones who don’t care enough to stress but still do the work and then the ones who straight up don’t do any work (I definitely cannot relate to these people).

3. The ones who stress but not too much

I think that these people are the majority of the population who get stressed sometimes but deal with it like a normal person. They are stressed about an assignment or test but once it is over and done with, they are back to normal. Not much to say about these people because I think most people fall into this category. I’m no health expert but I’m pretty sure this is a healthy amount of stress…

4. The ones who stress about everything every second

…and this is not a healthy amount of stress. These people find a way to stress about anything and everything, even things that they have no control over. They have a list of all of the things they have to do because they are also usually the people who do everything and just want to do everything well of course. The only reason why I know so much about these people is that more often than not, I fall into this category. I love being busy and doing everything but sometimes it can lead me to be extremely stressed out which stems from wanting to do everything well and because I think I find joy in knowing that I have so many opportunities in my life. Dealing with stress will definitely be something I will continue to work on but I’ve learned through this year that it’s not all bad stress. There is the stress of having do to everything I signed up to do because I wanted to but that fun and they are things that signed myself up to do. I’m grateful I get to be stressed about school and the things I have to do so I think about that everytime I stress and just deal with it one thing at a time (as I try and make long lists and worry – but hey, I still do it all!)


Countdown until Winter Break

I can’t believe that a little under 4 months ago I was moving into the dorms to start my first semester of college. It has gone by so incredibly fast! I am still stunned at the amount of new knowledge I now have in my brain from the past 16 weeks. A week from today, everyone will be on break, not having to worry about papers, tests, projects, and school stress. I know that I am ecstatic about break since I am leaving for Japan in less than a week!

Yesterday at 8PM was the beginning of 24 hour quiet hours in my dorm. Everyone is up-tight due to the upcoming finals week that begins on Sunday and ends on Thursday. Luckily my finals are the first three days of finals week so I get it done fast and get out fast. Walking through campus I see worried faces of people running their to do list of everything they need to catch up on before their final – I know that I am doing that. Trying to de-stress myself through eating, talking with friends, and watching TV, I was trying to think of more healthier ways in which I could de-stress which won’t make me gain the Freshman 15 in the next couple days. Here is a list of de-stresser activities and tips for the upcoming finals that I will definitely be using:


This is the easiest one you could do and you can do it anywhere you want! I know that for me coloring calms me down and puts me as ease. Plus, if you color, you can have some art that you can put in your room to remind yourself how good you are at least at coloring even if you fail your final. Here are some printable coloring pages to de-stress:


(Here is a bit of an easier one than the other two!)adult-coloring-pages-brushes


Go for a walk

It can be unhealthy for your body to be caccooned in the same room all day just studying. That problem makes your performance on the actual test worst because you aren’t letting your brain relax a bit. Take a walk outside, even for 10 minutes. Be in the sun (or the snow) and breathe in fresh air reminding yourself that life will still go on and that it’s just a couple tests. You can take a walk with a friend or by yourself – maybe listen to some of your favorite songs or some songs from this list of songs to de-stress yourself.



Studies have shown the benefit of meditating both short-term and long-term. It relaxes your entire body by focusing on your breath and relaxing. Look up “study break meditation” and I promise you that thousands of videos will come up. One simple, short meditation is the 4-7-8 breathing exercise. It is an easy, quick way to relax your mind and body to give yourself a little break. You breathe in through your nose for 4 counts, then hold for 7 counts, then finally you breath out through your mouth for 8 seconds. Holding your breath causes oxygen to fill your lungs and circulate through your body, helping you relax. Practice this at least once a day and I promise you will start seeing a difference in your stress levels.

Believe in God? Read some scripture

Scripture helps to calm me down in stressful situations. Here is some when you are feeling stressed: Jeremiah 29:11, Proverb 29:11, Ephesians 4:26, Ephesians 4:31-32, Matthew 6:19-21, Matthew 6:34, Hebrews 12:6

Get sufficient rest

I know it is tempting to stay up all night and study because maybe you think that is going to be better for your test but I promise you that getting sleep is actually so much better. It is a time for your brain to rest and retain all of the information you have been learning. Plus the more tired you are the day of the test, the worse you will probably do. Rest is essential for good work to happen so instead of going through your flashcards for the 50th time, GO TO BED!


When in doubt, just dance it out. Put on one song that you know you can dance to move your body! It will help take your mind off of the test and it will also be a good way to get in your exercise for the week. Put on a song and go dance now!


Focus on what you can control

This entire week has been preparation for the finals next week which is already stressful in and of itself. It is easy to get anxious and worried, even about things that are out of your control. It is important to remind yourself of the things you have control over and the things you don’t. If you can’t control it, then don’t stress about it because all that does is make you feel worse and probably more unproductive. Things will work out the way that it is meant to and all you can do is try your best – doing the best you can with the things you can control. You got this!

Can we make it to the Rose Bowl?!

After beating Utah Utes 27 to 22 last Saturday, November 26th, the Colorado Buffaloes are going to play Washington State University at 7 PM tonight in the Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California. This year everyone both in and out of CU were surprised and shocked as to how well the football team was doing this year. The Colorado Buffaloes had a reputation for not having a great football team but this year that was different.

dt.common.streams.StreamServer.cls.jpgColorado Buffaloes playing Utah Utes


I remember wanting to go to a school with a good football team but feeling hesitant because CU did not have a great team. However, little did I know that we would make it to #8 and go to the PAC-12 Championship Game!

The last time CU won the Rose Bowl was in 1990 which would mean that we could possibly win it for the first time in 26 years! To be able to be a part of this extremely exciting event as a first year at CU Boulder is incredible.

Good luck to the buffs tonight during the game! We can do this!

Attention Homes Sleep Out 2016

Attention Homes is an organization that provides service for homeless youth in the Boulder community. I have been a volunteering with them since I have been in middle school after my mom had introduced me to the fact of kids my age who did not have a bed to sleep in, roof over their head, or food on the table. She had made food every week for kids who were living in a residence home provided by Attention Homes.

At the age of 12 I participated in “Street Outreach” with my mom which is where we wake up early to make food to past out to homeless people on the streets near the Boulder Public Library. This changed my world. I think ever since we are little we have a slight if not large bias about homeless people. At least when I was little I was scared of homeless people. People would tell me to stay away from homeless people because they were “dangerous” but in reality, most of them are not. During my street outreach I learned that homeless people are the most grateful people you will ever meet. Every single person who I gave food to said “God bless you” or thanked me in another way from the bottom of their hearts. They weren’t what people called them. None of them took more than one of anything, no one was violent or mean and they just wanted to chat. Obviously not all homeless people are the kindest people but neither are we. In any group of people there are always going to be people who ruin how they as a whole are viewed but that shouldn’t be their entire representation.

Ever since the first time I did the Street Outreach I have been volunteering with Attention Homes, mainly in their executive office in preparation for their events as well as during the events for registration and etc. One of their largest events is the “Sleep Out for homeless youth” where people in the community come together to raise awareness for homeless youth by sleeping outside on the ground with a piece of cardboard and sleeping bag. Each person tries to raise $1000 through their community and then has the opportunity to experience what a homeless or at-risk youth may experience every day. I have slept outside for this event for the past 3 years and had the opportunity of doing it again this year. I helped out with registration and with whatever the staff needed throughout the night. My administrators from my high school were also participating and it was great to see the people in the community who were coming together to support this great cause. It gets pretty cold at night and it’s hard to imagine that over 170 youth sleep in Boulder alone sleep outside without a place to stay.

I think that it is important to raise awareness for homeless and at-risk youth not only in Boulder but all around the world. There are too many young people who don’t have a safe place to go home to. Every time I volunteer I feel so extremely grateful for the things that I have in my life and that I take for granted. I want to continue to volunteer with Attention Homes throughout college and raise awareness for homeless and at-risk youth in our community to help them have a better future. Here is a picture of me at the Sleep Out event last year (since I was too busy helping volunteering this year!):


Shaking my head at the Rolling Stones Magazine

Rape is already a sensitive and serious topic that people tend to avoid talking about because it can be a very controversial topic. There are always two sides of a story and in lecture we learn about how important verification is within journalism and to never publish an article when you only know a one-sided truth. That is exactly what the writer of the rape story on the Rolling Stones magazine did. An article was written in the magazine that talked about a girl named Jackie who was raped by seven fraternity guys. The writer of the article only interviewed the girl “Jackie” and wrote an article based off of her side of the story. It can always be hard to talk about rape stories because there tends to be a lot of mistrust in what people are saying happened but because it is such a serious topic, people are scared to doubt the victim. Still, in this case I believe that it was absolutely necessary to hear the fraternity side of the story, not as to doubt the victim but to make sure that both sides of the story match up – or in this case that it is even something that happened. This article was written a while ago but I am writing about this now because of an article I read on The New York Times talking about the the trial that is about to begin for this article.

This story just raises many questions throughout the entire thing. First of all, doesn’t a magazine article usually have many people editing and re-editing the article?! How did this article get published with no one questioning the story or wanting to hear the offender’s side of the story?! Another question is how did the writer not question the story at all and possibly do more research about possibly other people such as students who heard about this news. Why did “Jackie” feel the need to make up this story? It confuses me but at the same time frustrates the carelessness of both the magazine but also that this turned out to be a fake story about such a serious topic. These stories make people question the validity of what real rape victims say and people doubt them. I am intrigued to see where and how this trial goes.

Keeping Up With the Vaccinations

Flu season is coming up and people seem to already have the flu before this “season” hits. Everyday in class there is at least one person coughing or sneezing or doing anything that makes you feel like you are going to get sick. Over the past couple weeks I have been excessively washing my hands, gargling, using wet wipes on everything, and yet I still feel like I am coming down with something! I am starting to get the symptoms of sore throat, stuffy nose, cough, and I am so scared that I am going to continue to get worse therefore I did what I absolutely hate doing – I got a shot. Every year I have gotten the flu nasal mist but this year and haven’t actually gotten an actual flu shot in a while. Earlier this summer there was a CNN article stating that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advisory committee said the FluMist which is the nasal spray influenza vaccine should not be used this year. The FluMist has apparently “performed quite poorly compared to the injectable vaccine” (Scutti, 2016) and the flu shot was recommended if you wanted a higher chance of avoiding the flu.

Ever since I was little I have always been afraid of shots – obviously no one likes shot but I really hated them. I don’t have a traumatic experience with them but my heart starts beating faster and I turn into a 4 year old child. Even two days ago when I got my shot I was so incredibly scared that I had to get my roommate and my friend to go with me. I know that it is going to be better for me in the long run and it will put my germaphobe-clean freak-wash my hands twice when I get back craziness at ease a little bit. Also, even though I absolutely HATE shots, after I actually get the shot it isn’t too bad (I just rile myself up and think to myself that it is going to hurt more than it really does), I am glad I got the shot and feel accomplished. I would rather get a 5 second shot over a 2 week flu any day.

Even Boulder is Unsafe?!

I remember when I was in 3rd grade and I saw a show that had kids go shopping by themselves in Japan. Mind you that Japan is very safe and kids go to school by themselves all of the time. Parents send out their kids to get them things from the grocery stores if they are too busy to themselves. Not only is Japan really safe but everything is so close together therefore the nearest grocery store is usually less than 10 minutes from where they are living. After seeing multiple episodes where these kids go buy cakes or deliver lunch to their dads and etc., I wanted to go out shopping by myself too. Even though Japan is very safe, these kids on the show (without them knowing) had cameramen following them and making sure that they were okay. I, on the other hand, not knowing any of that decided that I wanted to go buy some cheese for my mom. So off I went with my little purse and my favorite shoes and dress on to the nearest King Soopers which was at least 20 minutes away walking. My mom obviously stopped me but I didn’t understand why she did. I obviously hadn’t been exposed to any danger growing up and always felt safe in Boulder. I never really had to worry about being shot or attacked. I was never told to watch out for stray bullets or for someone who might want to rob me. I would read about shootings or other attacks in different cities and it always felt like something that was happening far away from me. Pretty ignorant, right? But I think that it was because I grew up in this “Boulder Bubble” and just never had to worry which is such a blessing but also makes me even more rattled when things like yesterday’s incident happens.

I woke up still half asleep to my roommate saying “Oh my gosh did you hear about the guy with the machete on campus?!” and my still groggy self didn’t really understand what she could possibly be talking about. As I look at my email I read:

In my head I still don’t really understand what is going on and questions were just flooding my head. A guy with a machete? Near Folsom? On campus? Why? Who? Are my friends close? What did that guy do? Did he hurt anyone? What are they going to do about him? Can I not go to my class near there today? What should I do? This 13 word email did not provide enough information to answer all of my questions which was a bit frustrating that I felt so unsure about what was happening so close to me. 10 minutes later I get this email:

The way that this email is worded here is that everything was taken under control and the man was arrested or is not a threat anymore. Later I find out that he was shot and killed. What?! He was shot?! At first the feeling of there not being a threat anymore was a bit more comforting but then it made me realize, “Why did he have to be shot?!” Then I learned that he was apparently resisting and that they killed him. WHAT?! They killed this person for refusing to put his weapon down. I personally just cannot agree that that is the best way to handle these situations. Obviously I know that he was a threat and a direct threat towards a woman that he was apparently following but his consequence of that is death?! After talking to my friend whose stepdad is a cop, she told me that in an intent to take the person who is threatening to other people down, they just have to shoot them….but can’t they just shoot them in the leg or arms? Why do they even have to use guns? There are so many other countries that keep threatening people under control. Mind you that this person didn’t even have a gun. It wasn’t as if he was going to shoot any second. He had a knife that he would have had to either throw or directly attack someone with and yet they shot him. They had an upper hand in terms of the weapon that they had and I feel like they abused their power. What is even scarier is that they don’t know if the person with the machete was a student.

There is just so much uncertainty with everything and it is frustrating that no one has made clear what exactly happened, especially with the possible shooter at the UMC, the hacker, the guy with the van that said “I’m still here” who apparently turned out to be unaffiliated with everything but is he really?! I am just very confused as to what happened yesterday and it was overall just very overwhelming. I wish that CU would be more clear as to what is happening. This relates to when we learned that humans want to know what is happening around them. I wish there were minute-by-minute updates or at least hourly updates as to what exactly was happening with the situation. CU, please take a more journalistic approach as to how you deal with the communication between you and the students.


Your Worried Students



I cannot contain my excitement for the fact that it is now fall in Boulder, Colorado. ATTENTION EVERYONE! WE HAVE ENTERED INTO THE GREATEST SEASON OF ALL TIME. From pumpkin spice, apple cinnamon flavors, changing of the leaves, to my favorite sweater weather. Fall is the blissful season before the cold, cold winter with 3 feet of snow that we will have to walk through to get to class. Fall is the sunny but a little chilly weather where taking a walk in your sweater is prime temperature. My birthday is also in September so I have a prejudice against it but besides that point, it is absolutely amazing. I have come to appreciate everything that has anything that has to do with fall: pumpkins, apples, cinnamon, beautiful leaves, scarves, boots, candles, comfortable, calm, thanksgiving and halloween, family, and just love. If you can’t sense my excitement for this season then I do not know if I can make it any clearer that I am obsessed with this weather! Here are some fun fall activities and foods you can make this season with family, friends, or by yourself.

1. Pumpkin carving, duh

If you think fall, the first thing that comes to your mind should be pumpkins, pumpkins, and more pumpkins. When stores bring out the fake pumpkins, you know that fall is approaching. Now this is a traditional activity done in this season usually with friends to make jack-o-lanterns for Halloween. There are ENDLESS amounts of things you could carve into a pumpkin, seriously, you could carve anything you want. It can intricate and incredible like this:

Chique and adorable like this:


Or even just simple for those where art may not be their strong suit (me):


BUT THE BEST PART WITH PUMPKIN CARVING: not only do you have an extremely fun activity to do where you end up with an adorable decoration for your house but you also can use the pumpkin seeds to make a snack! This just keeps getting better and better! You can really put any seasoning onto these pumpkins seeds to customize it but my favorite is to put salt on it and bake it in a 350 degree oven for 25 minutes. Here are some other ideas for how you could season your pumpkin seeds! These snacks are not only healthy but delicious and helps to use the entire pumpkin without wasting anything!


2. Going to a haunted house!

I personally hate being scared so haunted houses are definitely not my thing but it is still a very fun fall activity! It is also nice that going to a haunted house is an activity that you can do with anyone from your parents, friends, significant other, or kids! The best haunted houses near Boulder are “Terror in the Corn” which takes place in an actual corn field (which is terrifying) and the haunted house at Boulder High School. If you have a chance or love the thrill of going to a haunted house then I highly recommend you check those out!

3. Fall baking

Honestly what is better than baking fall foods?! There are endless ideas from pumpkin muffins, apple pie, pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice cookies, cinnamon crumb cake, ginger snap cookies, pecan pie, pumpkin pecan cobbler, pumpkin bread, baked apples…the list is honestly endless. Get in the kitchen and start baking pumpkin, pecan, apple, cinnamon, pecan everything! Just look at these fall sweets below! (My mouth is already watering looking at these)

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Swirl Muffins (Are you kidding me right now?)


Caramel Apple Sheet Cake (Oh man…)


Caramel Apple CUPCAKE (WHAT?!)


Vanilla Chai Latte Cupcakes….I am going to make these right now


Excuse me while I head into the kitchen to make some festive fall foods! Hope you can enjoy these fall activities and make this season the best yet!

Easy College Food?! Sign Me Up

While I was scrolling through the my Facebook feed between writing 4 essays this week, I had to write this week, I was majorly sidetracked by something that would be so useful in college but I totally forgot about but this may change my college experience: mug meals.

Mug meals are any type of meals you can make in a mug from actual meals like mac and cheese or pizza to desserts like cakes or muffins. Not only are they good foods that you can make but they are also very easy foods that can be made in only a couple ingredients. All you need is a mug, a microwave, and some basic ingredients like flour, sugar, pepper, and other stuff depending on what you want to make. Worried about not having certain ingredients? Substitute them for other ingredients!


There are so many ways that you can substitute ingredients and make anything you want! All of the recipes are very easy to follow and they all looks so delicious! For example, let’s look at a recipe for the 2 minutes chocolate and salted caramel mug cake! (First of all, YUM!)

Secondly, you need:

  • 4 tablespoons all purpose flour
  • 4 tablespoons sugar
  • 3 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1 egg – beaten
  • 3 tablespoons skim milk
  • 1 tablespoon vegetable oil
  • 2 salted caramels

Finally, all you need to do is combine them all in a bowl, pour in the caramel into the center slowly, and put it in the microwave for a 1 minute and 30 seconds! That is it! After you can end up with this gorgeous looking dessert:



I am definitely going to try this tomorrow night for my friends birthday! It even acts as a birthday present for your friends. This multi-use, delicious, cheap, and creative treat will make my college so much better and probably my roommate’s life better as well.


Losing Conversations, Losing Human Interaction?

In my Concepts and Creativity 1010 class, we are learning about the importance of conversation and how technology may or may not be ruining our ability to be empathetic to other people due to the lack of conversation that happens in our society. As I look around the room during the lecture, I spot a at least 5 people around me who are on their phones during a lecture about how phones are ruining conversation and communication. In the streets, on the bus, and anywhere that I go, everyone, and I mean everyone is always on their phone or computer. Nowadays humans can’t seem to live without a distraction every single second of their lives. Whether it’s scrolling through your Facebook feed, stalking your crush on Instagram, looking at food videos (me), editing a picture, or any of the infinite things you could do on your device, we can not seem to just not do anything.


It’s as if we are afraid to just talk to someone and be social face to face, not just through a screen. It is also scary what the effect of having a screen to talk to someone through can do to people. Some people assume that because they are not talking to someone face to face, they can say anything; they can hide behind their screens. I hear about more cyber bullying and harassment on the internet more than I ever have it and it worries me for our future. But the biggest emotion I am feeling is sadness. The number of people who we could have gotten to know, the new information we could have learned, the juicy gossip we could have heard were all missed by us being on our phone all of the time for fear of not having anything to do or just being “too busy” with our online social lives.

I am definitely guilty of it too. I find myself being uncomfortable when waiting in line, or during breaks in class, or any time that allows me to sit with my thoughts. I understand the feeling of wanting something to do and the “need” to be on my phone for feeling like I need to look busy. It can be scary to sit with my thoughts and have time to think about the stressful reality of everything on my to do list. I get that, and even as I am writing this, I have found myself checking my phone several times and being sidetracked. I completely understand each individual’s “need” to be on their phones and all of the reasons for it but….we need to get off of our phones.

78554-nph-no-gif-himym-imgur-goce (

atNowadays it is very difficult to do anything without the help of technology, especially now in college where even our classes rely on “Desire 2 Learn” which requires a computer for checking assignments or turning things in. It’s not easy to be off our our phone, especially when it provides so much comfort and we can avoid complicated and awkward social situations. I always struggle to not check my phone all of the time by not putting it on my desk during class or have it near me when I need to do homework, but that’s hard. Sometimes I hear my phone buzz and my heart beats a little faster wanting to know what it says on my little screen; most of the time it is so irrelevant and dumb but I still stress a little bit about it. I now have tried putting my phone on “Do Not Disturb” to make it silent which has actually made a huge difference. I don’t check my phone as frequently as I used to because I forget about it a little bit until I see my phone again and it helps me stay social. It’s so important to be off of your phone so that other people know that you are willing to talk to them face-to-face. Do you know how intimidating it is to try to talk to someone on their phone? Really scary. So if you want people to talk to you and if you want to talk to more people and be social, GET OFF OF YOUR PHONE! There can also be negative health consequences from being on your phone all of the time. If you are on your phone before bed it can make your eyes more tired in the morning and make it harder for you to fall asleep. The picture below is a picture of a man after a 15-minute cell phone call. The red and the yellow parts is the heat which is the cell phone radiation that affects your brain. Isn’t this terrifying?!


Even just putting it on silent makes a huge difference and at least try to be off of your phone unless you find there is no problem in friends being in a room together and not saying a single thing because everyone is on their phone….in that case, I think there is a problem with you.

e540ae80-d98e-0133-e1c0-0e82a5619f43 (

It’s impossible for everyone to not be on their phones all of the time and we will never be at a place in our society where there will be no phones which is scary but not necessarily negative. Phones and technology in general has allowed for so much more things to be done in our world and it is incredible. Phones and computers can do pretty much anything and it has made our world so much more efficient and everything can be connected by two devices on completely opposite parts of the world in an instant. That’s amazing. Phone are not always bad but it’s sad to see two friends walking besides each other on their phone or a couple sitting across from each other not talking and just being distracted by the media. Let’s all try to be a little more social, not through our screens, but actually social through face-to-face conversations that makes us nervous, excited, confused, happy, and all of the human emotions necessary for us to truly be connected to each other.