Dealing with stress…AH!

The end of the year is never easy for anyone to deal with. Everyone has projects, tests, presentations, where they are struggling to do well on them, hoping to make up for the rest of the semester that may not have been so hot.

I’ve only been doing this whole college thing for a year but I always find it funny seeing how different people deal with stress differently. Here are the different types of stress dealers (or stress not-dealers) that I’ve come across this semester:

1. The perfect humans

These people are pros at time management and make sure that they are getting everything done on a schedule to ensure that they aren’t stressed later. I personally aspire to be like these people every day but, wow, these people truly have their entire lives planned out and even have hourly calendars. These people don’t stress because they are smart and foresee a future in which they may be stressed, therefore preventing it by eliminating any sort of stress. However, if they do find themselves in a stressful situation, they will manage to do everything necessary to make sure they aren’t stressed anymore.Even just thinking about the second type of people I mentioned makes me nervous. These people just don’t care enough do stress and a lot of the time either forget about the work they have or just straight up don’t do it…HOW?!

2. The ones who just don’t care enough to stress

…and then we have the ones who just don’t do anything, therefore they don’t have anything to stress about. They have the whole “I’ll figure it out as a go” mentality and they don’t think about all of the things they have to do. These people realize that stressing is just not going to change anything or change the situation they are in so they decide not to care enough to stress. Now, within this category there are the ones who don’t care enough to stress but still do the work and then the ones who straight up don’t do any work (I definitely cannot relate to these people).

3. The ones who stress but not too much

I think that these people are the majority of the population who get stressed sometimes but deal with it like a normal person. They are stressed about an assignment or test but once it is over and done with, they are back to normal. Not much to say about these people because I think most people fall into this category. I’m no health expert but I’m pretty sure this is a healthy amount of stress…

4. The ones who stress about everything every second

…and this is not a healthy amount of stress. These people find a way to stress about anything and everything, even things that they have no control over. They have a list of all of the things they have to do because they are also usually the people who do everything and just want to do everything well of course. The only reason why I know so much about these people is that more often than not, I fall into this category. I love being busy and doing everything but sometimes it can lead me to be extremely stressed out which stems from wanting to do everything well and because I think I find joy in knowing that I have so many opportunities in my life. Dealing with stress will definitely be something I will continue to work on but I’ve learned through this year that it’s not all bad stress. There is the stress of having do to everything I signed up to do because I wanted to but that fun and they are things that signed myself up to do. I’m grateful I get to be stressed about school and the things I have to do so I think about that everytime I stress and just deal with it one thing at a time (as I try and make long lists and worry – but hey, I still do it all!)


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