Shaking my head at the Rolling Stones Magazine

Rape is already a sensitive and serious topic that people tend to avoid talking about because it can be a very controversial topic. There are always two sides of a story and in lecture we learn about how important verification is within journalism and to never publish an article when you only know a one-sided truth. That is exactly what the writer of the rape story on the Rolling Stones magazine did. An article was written in the magazine that talked about a girl named Jackie who was raped by seven fraternity guys. The writer of the article only interviewed the girl “Jackie” and wrote an article based off of her side of the story. It can always be hard to talk about rape stories because there tends to be a lot of mistrust in what people are saying happened but because it is such a serious topic, people are scared to doubt the victim. Still, in this case I believe that it was absolutely necessary to hear the fraternity side of the story, not as to doubt the victim but to make sure that both sides of the story match up – or in this case that it is even something that happened. This article was written a while ago but I am writing about this now because of an article I read on The New York Times talking about the the trial that is about to begin for this article.

This story just raises many questions throughout the entire thing. First of all, doesn’t a magazine article usually have many people editing and re-editing the article?! How did this article get published with no one questioning the story or wanting to hear the offender’s side of the story?! Another question is how did the writer not question the story at all and possibly do more research about possibly other people such as students who heard about this news. Why did “Jackie” feel the need to make up this story? It confuses me but at the same time frustrates the carelessness of both the magazine but also that this turned out to be a fake story about such a serious topic. These stories make people question the validity of what real rape victims say and people doubt them. I am intrigued to see where and how this trial goes.


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